team event

Brexit unearthed

the densest,
most twisted
road network in Europe.

A team event

No frills Unsupported

Riding as a team of 2–4 you’ll aim to cover a twisting, technical course in a given time. Teams navigate using only GPS files and a Garmin. You must pass through manned & unmanned control points en route to ensure you stay on course. You are in charge of your own navigation, mechanicals and safety. Delegate duties in advance - planning and organisaion are essential - Murphy's Law applies


Gravel - Ulster Style

Belgians have their cobbles, Italians have their strade bianche, USA have their gravel. We have Boreens - rough, narrow roads used by livestock & machinery. Surface dressed, potholed with a grass strip up the middle, they ride like compacted gravel but can get way rougher. The event is for Cyclocross, Gravel or MTBs.


Highway code | GPS

Road safety

  • The event use open, public roads – the Highway Code applies at all times.
  • Boreens are narrow, twisted roads, classified as C Roads –– ride single file and to the left.


  • Road directions are not marked/sprayed.
  • All navigation is via 2 GPS files, downloaded prior to the event..
  • Upload and check GPS files BEFORE travelling to the event

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Boreen ’21


Sunday, 5th December, 2021

HQ for the event is Benburb Castle perched high above the Blackwater river. The 70km route is divided into 2 loops. Each loop starts and finishes in the Castle. Each loop has one manned control point, where the teams must pass through together and an unmanned control point where teams must fill a control card.

ride details
Teams consist of 2–4 members
Experience For experienced cyclists - off road/cyclocross/gravel an advantage
Tyres For grip, comfort & puncture protection, a 33mm+ gravel tyre
Course Detailed GPX files will be available to download 48 hours before the event.
Distance Southern loop (40km/25ml) + Eastern loop (34km/21ml) = 72km/44ml
Time limit Aim to finish between 3–4hrs (3hrs = 14.5mph/23.33kph | 4hrs = 11ph/17.5km)
Climbing 1000 metres | 3300 feet
Surface C roads (Boreen) 90% | B roads (transition) 8% | off-road (Benburb park) 2%
Team essentials:
Cycul listed as contact on phone • Waterproof jacket • Eye protection • Suitable clothing for conditions and terrain • Spare inner tube, tyre levers, air, tools • Rear light - flashing • Mobile phone - charged • GPS device (Garmin or equivalent) - charged • Food & water for the duration of the event
Parking Benburb Priory & Benburb Main St. Be aware of traffic. Cars parked at owners risk.
Sign on From 9–9.45am Benburb Priory courtyard. Pack includes event numbers, event wristband, safety instructions.
Control Points Eastern Loop Manned: 16km/10ml Unmanned: 30km/18ml
Southern Loop Manned: 16km/10ml Unmanned: 33km/20ml
Rubbish Leave No Trace. Bring it all home and recycle appropriately
Cost £25 with Cycling Ireland license.
£35 without Cycling Ireland license.