team event

Brexit unearthed

the densest,
most twisted
road network in Europe.

A team event

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Riding as a team of 2–4 you’ll aim to cover a twisting, technical course in a given time. Teams navigate using only GPS files and a Garmin. You must pass through manned & unmanned control points en route to ensure you stay on course. You are in charge of your own navigation, mechanicals and safety. Delegate duties in advance - planning and organisaion are essential - Murphy's Law applies


Gravel - Ulster Style

Belgians have their cobbles, Italians have their strade bianche, USA have their gravel. We have Boreens - rough, narrow roads used by livestock & machinery. Surface dressed, potholed with a grass strip up the middle, they ride like compacted gravel but can get way rougher. The event is for Cyclocross, Gravel or MTBs.


Highway code | GPS

Road safety

  • The event use open, public roads – the Highway Code applies at all times.
  • Boreens are narrow, twisted roads, classified as C Roads –– ride single file and to the left.


  • Road directions are not marked/sprayed.
  • All navigation is via 2 GPS files, downloaded prior to the event..
  • Upload and check GPS files BEFORE travelling to the event

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